“To Sum it Up in One Shot…” in Multimedia Studies 173 2014-2015-2T – UPOU ePortfolios

“To Sum it Up in One Shot…” in Multimedia Studies 173 2014-2015-2T – UPOU ePortfolios via UPOU ePortfolios.

“To Sum it Up in One Shot…”


Flight of Stairs

“Flight of Stairs” by April Pil. Taken on Feb 25, 2015. Vargas Museum, UP Diliman, Q.C.


In all honesty, this wasn’t the only picture that reminded me of my experiences in MMS173. There were a couple more that showed how I was doing, however I found this the most powerful. I felt that fear and excitement I got when I was starting MMS173, and that vertigo you feel when looking down from a banister.

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Downside World

So… I was thinking 1.. As a girl, if you ever had a boyfriend, and the one who always initiated text conversations, or most of your long distance conversations is you, how will you react if your boyfriend finally texted you first only to break up with you? Would you be thinking optimistically, like, ‘at least he got to contact me first for once‘, or somewhere along the lines, ‘I can’t believe he texted me first for the first time just to tell me we’re over!’

Personally, I would seriously prefer he won’t ever text at all if the outcome will be that shitty. However, sometimes, you can’t help but wish they’d just text you first, right? Or call, or ping — anything. Just initiate something. Being the one to initiate stuff all the time kind of leads to insecurities, and really, it’s like getting your heart broken little by little even though no one’s breaking up with you. ‘Don’t you miss me? Don’t you want to at least say hi to me?’ Thoughts like these run through a typical female’s heart…

  1. This time’s thought was hypothetical and kind of melancholic… I’ve never been in a relationship, but these types of one-sided scenarios really are sad. 

My first post



and I must say, I found that shy wildflower really charming. See, I was just sitting on one of a Chinese mausoleum’s steps to get some shade (it was 12 noon and was very hot) and this tiny shrub caught my eye. It was just a cluster of wildflowers that grew at the side of the street, blending with the grass lawn. It was obviously a weed, but I couldn’t help but think it was pretty. And after thinking that, I remembered other weeds that looked pretty, too. Strangely enough, I enjoyed looking at their very small blooms and tiny buds appearing at the end of dark, thin, velvety stems than those pampered, delicate bouquets in flowerbeds. Sure those flowers are very cared for and are very beautiful, but I like the charm of the word “pretty” more. It wasn’t the only wildflower growing, but they were all scattered across the lawn — seeming like they have their own lives and small families to be with. Independent. It was… A floating kind of moment for me.

– PerilRose