My first post



and I must say, I found that shy wildflower really charming. See, I was just sitting on one of a Chinese mausoleum’s steps to get some shade (it was 12 noon and was very hot) and this tiny shrub caught my eye. It was just a cluster of wildflowers that grew at the side of the street, blending with the grass lawn. It was obviously a weed, but I couldn’t help but think it was pretty. And after thinking that, I remembered other weeds that looked pretty, too. Strangely enough, I enjoyed looking at their very small blooms and tiny buds appearing at the end of dark, thin, velvety stems than those pampered, delicate bouquets in flowerbeds. Sure those flowers are very cared for and are very beautiful, but I like the charm of the word “pretty” more. It wasn’t the only wildflower growing, but they were all scattered across the lawn — seeming like they have their own lives and small families to be with. Independent. It was… A floating kind of moment for me.

– PerilRose


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