Afternoon Sun of a Lazy Wednesday Lets the Shadows Play

I went to check out this exhibit: called UNPREDICTABLE… UNSCRIPTED: Street Photography by Filipinos hosted in Vargas Museum, UP Diliman.

It occupied the first and third floor and it was okay to take pictures in these areas. HOWEVER. 2nd floor has all these collection of paintings by Fernando Amorsolo, and other iconic painters and sculpters. It as my first time in a museum and it just has to be in a place where taking pictures is prohibited. Damn… oil on wood, canvas, panel (no paper? joke XD).. Ang ganda ng mga portraits ni Fernando Amorsolo (siya talaga ang naalala ko eh haha) “A Typical Mestiza,” “Madam Kimura,” “Serafina” (I think?), and another woman’s portrait that was just as realistic and beautiful but I forgot the work’s title.
I really love that second floor.
Ah, but the Exhibit was the main reason I went out yesterday. The first time I walked in, the atmosphere in the building was pretty laidback. Most of the photos in the first floor were in monochrome and had ethnic themes (actually I think all them were like this; first floor, I mean). They were interestingly about the rituals and tradition of the different ethnic cultures. Aside from these pics, other materials that were not photographs were displayed, too. Self-made booklets, collections of editorial essays about the political system, anarchy, mass media, [Philippine] MYTHS(I find it awesome), and slightly disturbing illustrations that made me stare at them a few minutes longer to try and make a personal sense out of these abstracts. Seriously creepy, but interesting and fun. Everyime I stared at them, I was frowning and thinking along the lines of, “What the hell is that? Woah.. Cool. Chuya oi.”
SAM_0887 SAM_0914 SAM_0913 SAM_0912 SAM_0911  SAM_0896 SAM_0895 SAM_0894 SAM_0893 SAM_0892 SAM_0891 SAM_0890 SAM_0889 SAM_0888
Third floor felt more “exhibit”-like and the displayed works have more variety — colored, color-splashed, black&white or classc — and are mostly taken from the urban areas: Metro Manila, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, etc., which, now that I think about it, makes sense because of the exhibit’s main theme and title is about Street Photography. Why I thought it was strange at that time is a mystery.
SAM_0905 SAM_0904 SAM_0901 SAM_0899 SAM_0898
I didn’t take pictures of the different PHOTOGRAPHS because… when you take a photo of a photo, isn’t that like you’re copying the story of another story? I’d be like “nothing but a second rate, trying hard, copycat!” And I’m already and 2nd rate trying hard. I wanna avoid copycat status as much as possible. I didn’t take shots of the photos, but I did take a shot of the staircases. I liked the pretty varnishing XD Magkabahay sana ako ng ganun. Ang ganda kaya ng building haha
SAM_0909 SAM_0907 SAM_0906 SAM_0905 SAM_0904 SAM_0902 SAM_0900
Oh yeah!! I stayed for half of the afternoon or almost two hours at the Sunken(Sinking/sunk/whatever) Garden. It was fun to sit and do nothing haha :3.


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