Downside World

So… I was thinking 1.. As a girl, if you ever had a boyfriend, and the one who always initiated text conversations, or most of your long distance conversations is you, how will you react if your boyfriend finally texted you first only to break up with you? Would you be thinking optimistically, like, ‘at least he got to contact me first for once‘, or somewhere along the lines, ‘I can’t believe he texted me first for the first time just to tell me we’re over!’

Personally, I would seriously prefer he won’t ever text at all if the outcome will be that shitty. However, sometimes, you can’t help but wish they’d just text you first, right? Or call, or ping — anything. Just initiate something. Being the one to initiate stuff all the time kind of leads to insecurities, and really, it’s like getting your heart broken little by little even though no one’s breaking up with you. ‘Don’t you miss me? Don’t you want to at least say hi to me?’ Thoughts like these run through a typical female’s heart…

  1. This time’s thought was hypothetical and kind of melancholic… I’ve never been in a relationship, but these types of one-sided scenarios really are sad.