At a Moment’s Notice

Hello! Have you experienced in your life events that are so sudden, you were barely prepared for it? Or have you ever found yourself involved with someone else’s — more like an acquaintance or stranger’s circumstances that you had to take a minute’s break to compose yourself? You might either think like, why me? or oh wow. I’m so lucky right now…

Well, anyway. Today’s date is March 23, 2015, and today is when a page dedicate just for those coincidental events has been created. Why was this page created for just that purpose? Well. Today — no, actually it was yesterday, March 22, that I’ve just listened to someone whom I didn’t know. I figured this is a rare chance but perhaps won’t be my last. I want to make collect these “sudden moments” so that I can be reminded that I didn’t live my life in seclusion. I listened to other people, and I’ve met strangers who I didn’t end up creating any long-term bonds with. This page is like a proof that I existed and there witnesses. The few rare and exciting moments of my life — I want to keep accounts of these.

I could just write these down on a notebook-cum-diary, but I’m too scared of the possibility of losing these memories. I’ve always viewed diaries as something like things you leave behind after you disappear so those who will find your diary will read its contents and discover your past existence. You don’t want others to read your diary while you’re alive. You don’t to face the consequences of being so open and vulnerable to other people. I don;t want my accounts to be read by people who I know. Being judged by those who you see and know hurts more than being criticized and judge by those who you only recognize by name and have no real connection to you.

I don’t mind if my blog page will never be popular — it’s depressing anyway (plus it’s a hassle to always take care of it). It’s ok if not many people will read my entries, because I know, there will always be at least one out of 20 people who’ll stumble to my blog. I don’t care if they read or explore. I’m just happy they stumbled upon something I created. At least there’ll be a chance that they’ll see my screen name. :))

Ah, hell. this is depressing. WHATEVER!! This is supposedly an entry, but again: WHATEVER!


A coffee and cigar

This happened Sunday afternoon. I woke up around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, around 8 hours after I fell asleep, I guess? I did my usual routine — open my eyes, check the phone for the time and what happened in Facebook while I fell asleep, nitpick at which posts I care enough to comment … Continue reading A coffee and cigar

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